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Zithermeister Ricardo Von Ztifter, hailed as a child prodigy in the Vienna Boys’ Choir by none other than the great Willi Boskovsky, was nevertheless expelled due to an unfortunate dinner money mix-up.

Heaping shame upon his noble family, the young archduke chose to go underground, and it was in the sewers of the Austrian capital that he met and befriended fellow expellee, Anton Karas.

Together they earned a crust as a zither and tap dancing double act, performing for the dowager duchesses patronising the Sacher hotel, frequently being taken home as best boys and playthings.

Increasingly confused by the double life of soirees and sewers, Ricardo left his zither with the young Anton and set off to find fame.

A chance fishing trip found him at the Isle of Wight festival roadying for Taste, where restaurateur and international playboy Tim Kendall told him he was too old to be wearing a sailor suit.

and then

Ray Stubbs and the Allstars:

(Ray Stubbs (harp/vocal), Rick (guitar) and Bernie Mike (usually Greg Burman) (keyboard))

Mohair 5:

Picture of Mohair 5

Jim (Harps) Paddy(guitar), Rick (guitar/vocals) Brian Ferry (Drums) and Ciaran (bass/vocals)

Good Ole Rocking Roland and the incredible Rhythm and Soul Band

(Bob and dog, me, Susan, Davy, Joan and Bam)

The Commandments.

Off for a while but back with a vengeance, bigger, bolder and brassier.

Much appreciation to former and current members of  The Commandments for keeping it a brilliantly fun experience for all these years.

A big thank you also to all the people who continue to book and support the band.

Can now sometime be seen performing in clubs and bars to the east of Malaga (Rincon De La Victoria, Torrox & Nerja) Where and When?


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