The Commandments

Rhythm and Soul Band

Profile Gaz.


Mad physicist or what, nobody is quite sure where he came from or how he got there, one night on stage there he was, with keyboard and amplifier, (did he always walk around with them tucked under his arm?) 

Anyway he played a few numbers, great, and then there he was again at the next gig, etc.

After a couple of years I had an onerous task to perform, due to the fact that Gaz wanted to blow off steam on a Friday, and because if he blew off to much steam he wasn't always in total sync with the band, I had to sack him from playing on Fridays.

Anyway next gig,  "a Friday!" he turned up...................  he had been too steamed to realise he'd been sacked, but the good thing was that he was able to keep the steaming to a reasonable level, and was re-instated on Fridays.   


Gaz brings a esoteric almost surreal feel to the band

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