The Commandments

Rhythm and Soul Band

Profile: FranÁois.

Frank is a pump lighter


 Found him originally Down and Out in Paris, what a mean bass player. 

Played with such ease and fluency people thought that it couldnít be 

him playing, in those early days he was so laid back, they nicknamed him 

the 'sofa man' because of his laid back almost comatose demeanour.

 It was whilst playing with us as Good Ole Rocking Roland and The Incredible 

Rhythm and Soul Band, that his nickname changed to Love God, due to his 

boyish good looks.

 Favourite Gig: Sunderland Stadium of Light before the Ipswich game and the 

Black Cats won!

 Next door to him in Paris is a French Butcher who specialises in horse, 

Francois says heís partial to it but couldnít eat a whole one.

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