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Am recovering from 3 days of partying for my birthday and have managed to get online to send an email thanking you all so much for a simply fantastic night of music at my birthday party in Rothbury on Saturday evening.   The Commandments are just brilliant - what a great atmosphere you create, superb music, and everyone has been saying how much they enjoyed the evening and "what a fantastic band played".  Phil and I knew how good you were from seeing you several years ago and I am so pleased you were able to play at my party.  A huge thank you to you and all the band members.  Even if I did get dragged up on stage for Mustang Sally!!


Harley Davidson Heart & Soul Rally at Gosforth Park Racecourse. What a fantastic event

Many thanks for an excellent performance last evening. We certainly enjoyed it but maybe the younger guests didn't know the tunes - or they left their dancing shoes at home! Sorry we could not thank you in person but you were still going strong when we had to leave at midnight. Regards Peter Wood

What can we say?? Stunning, Thank you Thank you. 
Fortunately you all managed to get the party rocking regardless of the heat, so much so that they all want to do it again next year.!
We have some wild photo's of you up on the walls of the Chequers,and have passed on your contact details to those we know.
We raised 1,847 for breast cancer care, how cool on a hot day was that??  If you would be able to send Elaine or I a logo we will gladly have it printed onto  T shirts/hats etc and send you some photos with them in Brazil. 
Once again Rick, thank you so much for your time, your energy and an absolutely fantastic time, you're a star.
Sam and Elaine



I've just realised that the photo that looked like a bunch of fat removal men coming out of the bogs behind the Hylton Castle Club is actually the band!

Suits would be nice; gold lurex with wide brocade lapels. Capes, perhaps.

I'm still not sure if the slow loading is the website or my windows 98 computer but it's actually quicker to click off the site and then go back through the address to the front page than it is to go back a page from wherever I am on the site. It's good to have the site though, and the colour scheme is better on the second one. More Rock n Roll.

The profiles are good, revealing, funny and very interesting (Derek and the Dominoes? It's all beginning to make sense...) but I'd be happy to rewrite them for you and make them better.

Overall, it's getting better. You should start selling products on the site, Commandment t-shirts, mugs with the full 11 commandments, like 'Thou shalt not play in the key of F', cd's of specific gigs and so on.

Even though you're playing private parties, list them so that people know how much you are in demand. Have a month by month gig listing.

I've got a friend whose Ska band have a website, it's been going for about 3 years I don't think it's really a better site but it's packed full of info.

A bit of news; I've begun playing bass in a band! I'm never going to be in Frank's league, but then I've still got a pulse; when we start gigging in a couple of months I'll give you a buzz.

Apart from practising on bass I'm also practising how not to attempt to score with women when I'm out gigging. I'm using visualisation techniques and a secret mantra. I reckon the grey hair, absence of youthful good looks and the extra thirty pounds of body fat will also help me achieve this goal. I won't get off with anyone anyway but this way, using my secret mantra and an aikido breathing system, I'll not make a fool of myself either.

Regards, DaveyW

Thanks Davey, We have included a local columnists page, where local muso interested interesting people can have a rant and rave about the past, the future and the present.

Congratulations on the new site, we had a brilliant night at the Cluny gig, thanks..... Hal (greener)

(The band had a great night too)

Looks awesome! Would love to book you guys for our next company bash! Cheers, Tony Harvey New Zealand.

(Next time we're down in the Southern Hemisphere, we'll take you up on that)

Hi Rick...... darza site.....put an 'email get back' to tell fans when and where you are playing? 

Gregg Burman

(Done! best of luck with the relaunch of Burman Amps)

Just looked at your web site-very impressive. Perhaps we could give up work and be rock stars, well you could I'd have to be the groupie Pam Durham

(That could be very nice)

Great website, funny video, everyone looks like they are having a good time. Personal experience of seeing commandments live several times. Band is known to be great for lifting the atmosphere anywhere it plays. Keep up the good work. Christine Cooney

(Hope to see you again soon)

Thanks a lot, Rick. Great night - thank everyone at your end for us.
Mary (David Gray Solicitors)

(No.......... thank you!)

I enjoyed the musical interlude.

Your website looks great - the band looks very impressive! - but for some
reason I can't open the video ... I'll keep trying. Regards

(Loved the mini harp, video should be alright but it is fairly big)

Enjoyed the profiles on the website and I liked the music that goes with each one. Where can I get a copy of the film you mentioned you played in? And a copy of your cd (if you have one). DaveyW
(Neither film or CD released yet)

The video doesnt seem to be working on your cool website . Chris Murtagh

(I haven't sussed out how to get it to play on all browsers/systems... Still working on it!)

Thanks for the outreach, and feel free to continue to post the Ten Commandments. You know, in some states, that's illegal in government buildings...Chris Elliott, NJ USA

(Really impressed with the writing and rantings if I were American I'd vote for you!)

Brilliant as ever!!!. P****d bloke in the loo

(Didn't seem like an appropriate time for shaking hands and introductions!)

Thanks again to you and the band. So many guests told us how much they enjoyed the music. 

If you need a reference anytime I'd be happy to help out.


We have just got back from a road trip along Route 61 

and didn't see or hear anything better!!!. 

Two guests at a wedding

Really cool site and some seriously great songs on there!  Keep up the good work!
Michael Burns

Nice to have a younger clientele leaving messages..... Cheers



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