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Francois Alternative Profile

Plucked from the obscurity of the tiny French fishing village of Benodet sur le Mer, by film director Roger Vadim,

child actor Francois Rouziere starred alongside Brigitte Bardot in the classic And God Created Woman.

An infant honing his craft, he became a familiar face to millions of French children in the ever-popular

Francois est Dormer TV series.

As his fame spread, he appeared on Yorkshire TV’s Junior Showtime singing Brel’s The Girls and the Dogs

in his thick Gallic brogue.

Even as a career of summer seasons and opening of supermarchés beckoned, Francois gave it all up.

A chance fishing trip found him on the River Tyne, near the mouth of the great Ouseburn where he met

restaurateur and international playboy Tim Kendall who at once spotted his star qualities, and bought him a bass.

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