The Commandments

                                      Rhythm and Soul Band

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Some facts about the band you may have or never heard:

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80% of new band numbers are developed during sound checks
10% developed during live performances
and the other 10% who knows??????.


Pete is brilliant at drawing cameos

Rick once snuck off to the Isle of Wight festival to sell Parathas to the occupants of devastation hill.

Francois is a wiz with methane, skilled at illuminating rooms, once scorched the bed sheets while rehearsing a special trick.

The Bear is a classically trained musician

Stella sings, plays alto and baritone sax, and whistle

Lord John is a well respected internet musician

Gary uses pipes as an analogy for demonstrating ohms and resistance?

If the Bass is the stern, the voice the bows, guitar and keyboards Port and Starboard, the Brass section the mid ships, then Drums are the propeller and rudder, driving and directing

The band has played pre-match warm ups on the pitch at football stadiums, most of the castles in the North East, hotels, bars and marquees, festivals, BBQ's and parties.

The Great North Run, this year 9 September 2018, we played from 9.30am on at the Lindisfarne Road roundabout below the A19, (see map) maybe a half marathon for the runners but its a marathon for us, we started playing when the elite runners came by and finished when the last few passed, but seeing the spirits of the runners lift when they see and hear the band makes it well worth it.